Software & Manuals
for MotoSat and Hughes
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D2 controller software v3.7.6
D2 user manual
D3 controller software v3.9.6T
D3 controller software v3.9.6W
MotoSat D3/D4/J1 Sat Table current
RF Mogul Sat Table July 2015
D3 user manual
D4 controller software v420
D4 user manual
J1 controller software v1011s
J1 MotoSat user manual
SDC-J1 Mogul user manual
Nomad 1 controller software v18
Nomad 2/3 software v40.8
Nomad 2 user manual
Nomad SD2 software v0125
Hughes HN7000s sbc file
Guide how to Commission a
Hughes HN7000s modem

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