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Camera Repair Books

Getting Started
B-1 $15 28 pages B-1 Info The Photo Equipment Technician
B-2 $20 45 pages B-2 Info The Camera And Its Variations
B-3 $20 40 pages B-3 Info Photographic Techniques
B-4 $20 36 pages B-4 Info Darkroom Techniques
B-5 $15 31 pages B-5 Info The Workshop, Bench And Tools
B-6 $15 50 pages B-6 Info Using Hand Tools
B-8 $18 xx pages B-8 Info Estimating Repair Charges
O-1 $20 47 pages O-1 Info Optics For The Camera Technician
O-2 $25 62 pages O-2 Info Practical Optics
Cameras & Shutters
L-1 $20 33+19 pages L-1 Info Introduction To Shutters
L-2 $20 42 pages L-2 Info The Simple Escapement Retard
C-1 $18 32 pages C-1 Info 35mm Disassembly Techniques
C-2 $18 26 pages C-2 Info Camera Design Characteristics
S-2 $20 41 pages S-2 Info Rangefinder & Autofocus Systems
S-4 $20 48 pages S-4 Info Exposure-Control Systems
S-5 $25 65 pages S-5 Info Cross-Coupled Meters
S-6 $18 xx pages S-6 Info Testing Shutter Speeds
F-1 $18 41 pages F-1 Info Focal-Plane Shutters
F-2 $25 162 pages F-2 Info The Single-Lens Reflex
F-5 $20 57 pages F-5 Info Modular Focal-Plane Shutters
Basic Electronics
E-1 $20 31 pages E-1 Info Photographic Electricity
E-2 $20 24 pages E-2 Info Practical Electricity
Semiconductor Electronics
E-3 $22 xx pages E-3 Info Semiconductor Electronics 1
E-4 $22 xx pages E-4 Info Semiconductor Electronics 2
Camera Electronics
E-5 $20 39 pages E-5 Info Electronically Controlled Shutters
E-6 $18 41 pages E-6 Info Servicing Electronic Shutters
E-8 $20 45 pages E-8 Info Electronic Flash Units
E-9 $20 43 pages E-9 Info Automatic Electronic Flash Units
M-1 $20 xx pages M-1 Info The Slide Projector
G-1 $20 46 pages G-1 Info The Leica Type Shutter
G-2 $20 81 pages G-2 Info Complex Escapement Retard #1
G-3 $20 94 pages G-2 Info Complex Escapement Retard #2
G-4 $20 106 pages G-4 Info Variations on the Escapement Retard

P1 The Compact Point & Shoot Camera

P3 Motors & Motor Circuits

Zooming Systems

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